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December 22, 2013
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((A.N. I guess this was a request ^^ im a lil nervous writing this, cuz this is my first x reader story. hope you like))

Prologue~ he knew not how companionship felt. He wanted, no, desired a companion so bad. It clouded his mind to where it was impossible to think. He pawed at the hand stitched doll of himself sitting in his soft and fuzzy paws, letting icy tears fall like a dying river down his furry muzzle. Every single 'friend' he had brought here had feared him, resented him, and left him all alone, leaving him to rot in misery. 'Someone, here my plea... all I want is for someone to notice me, to like me..... to LOVE me...' he whimpered softly...


You were disowned, so you haven't a loving family and place to call home. You haven't a nice warm bed on cold and freezing nights, just a worn box under a rickety old bridge. Only a torn ragged hoodie and old sweatpants as clothes. The years of isolation and bitterness weren't great. The people you reached out to for help turned their backs on you, disgusted. You cried yourself to sleep every night, hoping someone would hear your pleas and wishes....

-time skip, cause I says so :| -

You ran, ran as fast as your nimble and bony legs could carry you. You had stolen from a gang, yes a gang. Why? Cause they had clothes, food, and all kinds of blankets and drinks ((I dunno what gangs have! I live in Mobile, Alabama, we aint got no gangs, just rednecks!)). You've stolen before, and you've gotten away every time, but you knew your luck would eventually run thin like thread, and lo and behold, this was it. Running into an ally you thought was the one you came through before, you came face to face with a dead end, the color literally draining form your (s/c) face, your (e/c) eyes gripped with fear. You heard dark laughter, and you dared to turn around. They were advancing, with knives, broken bottles, everything. The leader gripped your hair tightly, and you whimpered from the pain sprouting in your scalp. "we'll let you go, sweet heart, IF, you give us back our stuff and a little something else~" the leader purred, his words dripped with venomous lust. It disgusted you very, and you spit in his face. Growling, he threw you to the ground HARD and kicked your head repeatedly. 'someone please... help me....' Everything was blurry. He was about to drive his knife through your chest, when what sounded like a dog snarl shattered the deadly silence, then the sound of agaonized screams. All went black after................


-time skip again~-

You awoke in a soft bed, to your surprise. Pain shot through your head, and you clutched your forehead, feeling bandages. You looked around, a decent bedroom. You walked to the door, and to your surprise it led to the outside. the scenery was breath taking: gorgeous weeping willows, (favorite flowers) blooming everywhere, and a rippling lake reflecting the setting sun, with fireflies dancing all around you and the trees. It was a perfect summer night. Jumping, you heard a slight rustling and caught a glimpse of light chestnut fur disappearing behind the largest tree. Swallowing fear, you tiptoed towards the tree. 'Ve~ We have a guest-a, little me. A bella ragazza at that~' an Italian accented voice filled your thoughts. Curiosity overwhelmed your feelings, and you grasped the trunk of the tree, squeezing your eyes tightly, you forced yourself to look around. What you saw made your heart melt; a wolf-dog hybrid with a crystal blue eye (this is the side without the shadow btw) licking and nuzzling what looked to be a worn doll that was in need of repair. The wolf had light brown fur, with patches of darkened brown fur on his back, and chest. what surprised you though, was that his forearm was completely black fur with long claws, and you could've sworn you saw little black wisps of smoke fading out.

You unconsciously gasp, causing the dog to drop the doll and look up at you, smiling it looked like. The thing that scared you even more, was that the left side of his face was engulfed in shadow, with a pale, glistening eye staring into your soul, as if reading your personality. It leapt up at you, causing you to shriek in surprise, but started giggling when it licked your face, like a typical dog. "I wander if you have a name, boy?" 'Ve~ It is shadow! Italy, but you can call me Feli, bella~' You froze. "haha... funny, its almost like your..." 'talking to you through thought? Si~ Its how I talk to humans~' Getting over the shock, you patted his head, and he softly licked your hand. You took notice of a strange curl, but ignored it. You then reached for his doll, receiving a nervous growl. 'No! Please! Don't hurt my only possession...! He is my only friend!' Feli cried. It broke your heart that he thought that you take away his doll. "m-may I... hold him?" you asked. 's-sure...' he nudged the small rag doll of himself towards you with his soft muzzle, a nervous look in his crystal blue orb. (sound familiar anybody?) You took it gently in your hands, softly stroking the hair of the doll. It had the curl, the shadowed face, everything. A muzzle rested on the doll you were holding. He took the doll and placed it softly against the tree.

Then, without warning, he started barking. Giving him a confused look, you then figured it out by the wagging tail. He wanted to play! You got on your knees and playfully wrestled with him. you both stumbled, and he accidentally bit your hand. It hurt like hell, but it didn't draw blood. instead, you could see a little bit a shadowy wisps of smoke fading into air from the bite. 'B-bella... I-Im so sorry...'  he cried licking the wound softly, then your tears. You didn't even realize you shed tears! You hugged him, and replied "its ok... it just really hurts" 'its going to hurt for a while' he whined

-they see my time skippin, the hatin!-

For about 15 minutes you two rested up against the tree, watching the fireflies dancing. You found out the will never set as long as you didn't want it to. You stroked Feli's soft fur, earning little whimpers of happiness and a few flicks of his tail. you felt watched. "hey Feli are y-" when you turned, you saw him staring intently at you. you blushed and wanted to avoid his gaze, but you couldn't. his bright blue eye and glowing pale eye. You felt a little light headed, as if you'd fall asleep. You grew so fatigued, you couldn't help but lean forward, only to be caught midway by Feli, leaning gently on his soft, furry back. Right before you blacked out for slumber, you felt him lick your cheek, placed a paw on your hand, and whispered, 'sweet dreams~ Because you and I, we'll be together forever in your wonderland~' You didn't even catch the dark smirk on his muzzle, because you were already sleeping soundly.



My FIRST fanfic!!!! DONE!!! I know, i know.... its terrible. :iconsulkplz: but i hope you like it :iconhetaonilover16:

She gets half the credit for this story cuz she helped.

Dreamtalia= :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream:

I tried to make this as fluffy as posible~ ^^;

dont worry, ill make a sequal! part 2, probably Christmas or after, maybe before...

Im gonna try to start making more.



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